RyugakuSite.com is the educational agent, providing excellent support and services for free of charge to prospective students, who wish to study abroad, across Japan since its establishment in 2004.

Why Us?

Dedicated Adviser

You will be assigned a dedicated advisor who assist you in school choice, application process and trouble solving during study abroad.

No Processing Fee

We help you in your admission application process for our partner universities, colleges, secondary schools and language schools free of charge. (Conditions apply.)

No Visa Application Support Fee

We assist you in visa application process free of charge, including a help to complete applcation forms and providing advices for visa intereviews (if you use our service).

No In-house Exchange Rate

The current bank TTS rate, not expensive in-house rate, will be applied, avoiding you to pay extra money. The wire transfer to institutions will be done on the day you pay.

Pay Directly to School

If you prefer, you can wire transfer your tuition and fees directly to your institutions.

From Your Town

We are able to support clients who live in any part of Japan or abroad.



Study Abroad Advising-FREE

The study abroad advising over phone, via email and in the office are free of charge. Please feel free to contact us to book an appointment.


We will send you school brochures free of charge on your request. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cost Estimate-FREE

We will provide you cost estimate for your desired schools free of charge on your request. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Aplication Procedure-FREE

We assist with your admission application to our partner institution abroad free of charge, except the application shorter than 7 weeks for language schools and only one term for colleges and universities.

Housing and Airport Transfer Arrangmet-FREE

We arrange housing and airport transfer according to your institution's services. (Please be aware that the housing placement fee and transfer fee must be cutmoers.)

Visa Application Assistance-FREE

We assist you throughout your visa application process free of charge, such as filling up the online forms in English, paying the visa application fee, make a booking for visa interview and so on. (Please be aware that the visa application fees must be paid by customers.)

English Conversation Lessons-FREE

You can take English Conversation Lessons with Native sepakers twice for free.

Information of Insurance-FREE

We provide you information, brochures and forms for overseas insurance which is mandatory to study abroad.

Consultation Advising during Study Abroad-FREE

Your dedicated adviser will keep in touch with you via email or skype during study abroad and help you to solve troubles with schools and/or host families.


UCSD Extension-Testimonial

Yuta Yoshimatsu

UC San Diego Extension

“The staff of RyugakuSite.com explained me about Application and Visa Procedure so well. They helped me a lot as responding quickly then I could get in to a school where I wanted to go. The good point was that they had enough information on their website, so I could clearly have an idea of cost estimate. It was one of the diffrences from other study abroad agency.”

FLS Saddleback College-Testimonial

Hijioka Haruka

FLS Saddleback College

“I think I was late to decide to go to study abroad compare to other people, so I was in rush to correct the information for the beggining of semester. Even though I contacted with a lot of agencies, most of them had limited time for counselling or I had to pay fees only for asking questions. Meanwhile, RyugakuSite.com was totally diffrent. They answered any questions and responded my email quickly. I was really impressed how they were kind even on the phone. As a result, I strongly recommend RyugakuSite.com.”

Columbia University ALP-Testimonial


Columbia University ALP

“Because the number of days was not enough to apply, I was refused by all of the other agents. I am sure that I couldn't have done this study abroad without Mr.Hosokawa from RyugakuSite.com. I truly appliciate that Mr.Hosokawa responded quickly and politely for my questions. To be honest, I was wondering if he could be supporting me untill the process would be done because it was too cheap than I expected. I had heard that other agents charge more cost and suppost less, so I think I was very lucky. I cannot be more greatful, thank you so much.”

  • Why no processing fee?

    RyugakuSite.com is the official partner agent of the educational institutions such as language schools, community colleges, universities, polythechnics, high schools and so on. We operate our business based on the financeal support provided from our partner institutions in order to supporting their prospective studentss.

  • No Charge for any schools?

    When you apply to one of our partner institions, our processing fee is free (Some conditions apply).
    For details, please refer to our Price List (in Japanese).

  • Which educational institutions have the partnership with RyugakuSite.com?

    Please refer to our Partner School List (in Japanese).

  • I would like to sign up only for visa application

    Unfortunately, we provide the visa application support only for those who apply to educational institutions using our service.

  • Do you provide support for non-English speaking area?

    Unfortunately, we work with educational institions located in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and Malta.

Company Name RyugakuSite.com, Inc.
Managing Director Abdul Ueda
Established December 1, 2004
Corporated March 12, 2007
Bank Chiba Bank
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Business Scope 
  • Provide study abroad information services
  • Introduce destinations and offer document processing